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Following compatible battery models

For Samsung




Following compatible laptop models for SAMSUNG NP350V5C NP350U5C NP350E5C NP355V5C NP355V5X NP355V5S NP355U4C NP355E5X NP300V5A NP300E5A NP300E5C NP300E5V NP300E5Z NP300V4A NP305E7A NP305E5A NP270E5V NP-Q320 Series NP-Q320-AS01 NP-Q320-AS02 NP-Q320-AS03 NP-Q320-AS04 NP-Q320-FS01 NP-Q320-FS01US NP-Q430 NP-Q460 NP-R420 NP-R423 NP-R428 Series NP-R429 Series NP-R430 Series NP-R438 Series NP-R439 NP-R460 Series NP-R463 Series NP-R464 Series NP-R465 Series NP-R466 Series NP-R467 Series NP-R468 Series NP-R470 Series NP-R478 Series NP-R480 Series NP-R507 Series NP-R519 NP-R522 Series NP-R530 NP-R548 NP-R580 NP-R620 NP-R700 Series NP-R710 Series NP-R719 NP-RF411 NP-RF510 NP-RF710 Q320 Q320-32P Q320-FS01 Q320-FS01UK Q320-FS01US Q430 R428 R428-DA04 R428-DS01 R428-DS04 R428-DS08 R428-DS09 R428-DS0A R428-DS0B R428-DS0E R428-DS0L R428-DS0M R428-DS0N R428-DS0P R428-DS0R R429 R429-DS05 R429-DS06 R429-DS07 R429-DS0A R429-DS0B R429-DS0C R430 R431 R438 R458 R463 R464 R465 R466 R467 R468 R470 R478 R480 R503 R507 R517 Series R519 Series R520 Series R522 R538 R580 R620 Series R718 Series R719 R720 Series R780 Series X360


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Kompatibel laptop modeller 1 For Q430 R728 RV720 R467 RF510 R560
Batteri Celler 6-Celler
Kompatibelt batteri, der er 2 modeller For AA-PB9MC6S AA-PB9NC6W
Kompatibel laptop modeller 2 For R468 RF511 R470 RF512 R478 R418
Certificeret CE,FCC,RHOS
Celle-niveau Grade A Cell
Mærke juyaning
Type Li-ion
Batteri Spænding 10.8 v/11,1 v
Kompatible Mærker Samsung
Batteri farve black
Kompatibel laptop modeller 3 For R460 R540 R429 R428 RV509
Kompatibelt batteri modeller 1 For AA-PB9MC6B AA-PB9NC6B
Pakke Ja
Reelle Kapacitet 4000-5000mAh
Kompatibelt batteri, der er 3 modeller For AA-PB9MC6W AA-PL9NC6B

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