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PyMol movies | Molecular Art

PyMol movies

A ribosome movie I made just to show how the eukaryotic expansion segments are added onto a prokaryotic conserved core. Quite fascinating to think of.  Made in PyMol.

A small movie I used at my PhD thesis defence showing one of the ways that MBL can undergo trans activation. Made in PyMol.

Another movie from my PhD defence showing how MASP-2 binding to complement factor 4 initiates conformational changes throughout C4. The movie is made as a morph between the structure of free C4 and the structure of C4 in complex with MASP-2.  Made in PyMol.

2 thoughts on “PyMol movies”

  1. The pictures and movies of MBL and MASPs are awesome 🙂 Can I use them for lectures and if so, how shall I cite your work? Thanks!

    1. Hi Angelica,
      I see that we share a mutual collaborator in the form of prof. Steffen Thiel (I am from the same university as him as well). Anyway, thank you very much! and yes please feel free to use whatever you want of the posted material for lectures etc. I will leave it up to you to decide how to cite it, as I really dont have any ideas of how to do that. Maybe just use the MolecularArt.dk address??? its up to you. Cheers /Ruki

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