I have been playing around with a LEGO program called Lego Digital Designer (LDD), where you can create your own LEGO creations etc.

Inspired by an older LEGO Ideas entry I wanted to reproduce the Tecnai Spirit G2 TEM I use at work, in LEGO.  Unfortunately

LEGO Ideas entries does not include parts/bricks list, building manual or 3D-files for LDD etc. But I managed to track down the source for the ppl that created the LEGO Ideas entry I linked to above. Their site is called “LEGO Material science and engineering lab” and it basically contains all the info you need to recreate all of their models yourself, in LEGO.

So based on their TEM microscope I managed to recreate, to the best of my abilities, our own Tecnai Spirit TEM setup in LEGO

TEM_lego3 TEM_lego2 TEM_lego1

Unfortunately I never got around to order the parts for my own LEGO Tecnai TEM model, because I had already ordered the parts for the TEM listed on the LEGO MSE Lab site together with the parts for their Powder Diffraction Hatch.

I call the installation  “R&D on the Death Star”


You can order new or used spare LEGO parts and bricks many different places, I have mainly used LEGO’s own Pick A Brik service (PAB) and different stores on Bricklink. The problem with PAB is that they only have a limited and varying sets of pieces at sale at any given time, whereas on Bricklink you can find everything you need used or new.

If you want to build your own model of my Tecnai TEM,  is here a Dropbox download link to Zip folder containing the parts list of all the bricks you need together with a .html verison of the building manual (a bit crude, but it works): LINK

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