Molecular Maya renders

I made these renders using Autodesk Maya2016 (edu license) and Molecular Maya from Clarafi.  I am still learning how to use the software, which is incredible powerful and versatile. I have made a ton of weird renders already and these are just a small subset of them.

The main goal is to represent proteins in standard materials just as clay, plastic, glass or metals etc.

ATP synthase rendered in Frosted Plastic material using Pixars Renderman
ATP synthase rendered in a frosted glass  material using the Mental-Ray engine. And a couple of balls used for testing a couple of other materials. NB the image looks much sharper in full size, so please click on the image.
Complement component C4 in complex with MASP rendered in a glass material using the Mental-Ray engine. NB.the images looks much sharper in full size, so please click on the image.

Simple molecule rotation videos rendered in Maya  and compiled with Photoshop or Virtualdub.

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