Nenad Ban and the Ribosome

Atomic Models of the 60S and 40S Eukaryotic Ribosomal Subunits in Complex with Initiation Factors 6 and 1 respectively Photograph: Katharina Bohm and Felix Voigts-Hoffmann

From a ribosome and PyMol point of view, Professor Nenad Bans lab page is simply a must read as they summarize a lot of useful information.

Especially the page about the new nomenclature of the ribosome is worth reading together with the corresponding paper “A new system for naming ribosomal proteins“. On Bans page they publish some very impressive PyMol Scripts, or for lazy PyMolers also full PyMol sessions as downloads. The PyMol scripts are also appended the before mentioned paper, but they are not updated, as fare as I can tell.

It is truly admirable work which has the added benefit of directly enabling the implementation of many ribosome structures into any structural orientated courses, which was something that required a ton of preparation in the past to be able to do.

And to be honest, his whole page is a very good read for any macromolecular structure geeks out there.

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